Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!  My name is Meg and I am recent graduate of the University at Buffalo!  I graduated with my BFA in Dance and a minor in Education.  I always joke that if dance doesn’t work out then I can always open up my own bakery. Maybe this blog will be the impetus to that!  Anyway, here’s my story and why you should follow my blog!

I have been baking for as long as I can remember.  My dad introduced me to the art of food when my brother and I were little.  He is one of the most talented people I know in the kitchen; and even though baking is not his forte he can still make one mean New York Style Cheesecake.  Where my dad lacks in his ability to bake however, my mom can more than make up for it.  She is who started me on my path to baking; when I was little I can remember us making chocolate chip cookies together.  I would always lick the beaters (probably because I was a fat child) as she would warn me I would get sick. (Side note, I was quite the plump child.  Good thing I came back from that and am healthy now! One day if I decide I want to give away my dignity then I will post pictures of my fat days so that y’all can get a good laugh!) Anyways, we eventually came to the conclusion that the likelihood of either one of us becoming sick from eating the dough was slim to none.  Throughout my childhood I would also spend a great amount of my time baking with my grandpa. We would make a complete mess in his kitchen while we were baking and then give our baked goods to neighbors, friends and even the mailman!  This is how it all began!

Throughout my life, I used dance as my way of getting away and relieving stress.  I live to dance.  I was crazy busy with a part-time job, religion classes and a school day filled with AP courses resulting in tons of homework each night.  Dance was my outlet.  However, this all changed when I started college.  Don’t get me wrong, I live to dance (I have a tattoo dedicated to that!) but dance was no longer my outlet, it was/is my job.  I needed a new outlet and this was when I turned to my love of food.  Baking is my way of relaxing as well as feeding my INSANE sweet tooth.  I believe that you should end every meal with chocolate (and if not chocolate then something sweet)!  Baking is how I provide myself with all the sweet things in the world.  I also love to give away my baked goods to family, deserving neighbors and my friends.  This way I do not eat too much because I would probably be about 67696 pounds if I did!

Hopefully you will enjoy what I post and you can share in the love of baking with me!


Meg 🙂


(Some pictures of me dancing!)


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